Freshman Experience Interview

Indira Nzerue, Jonyce Bland, Kemi Ibrahim, and Donni Blackwell

On October 23, 2017 Oluwakemi Ibrahim interviewed Corbin Pettigrew class of 2021 on how her freshman year has been so far.
Kemi: “How are you enjoying your time at charles herbert flowers high school?”
Corbin: “My experience here at Charles Herbert Flowers is well.”
Kemi: “So far what has been your best experience here?”
Corbin: “Homecoming week.”
Kemi: “What is one thing you look forward too?”
Corbin: “Receiving good grades and not letting distractions get the best of me.”
Kemi: “Are you in any school activities?”
Ccorbin : “I do cheerleading.”
Kemi: “Is there any other activities that you would like to participate in?”
Kemi: “Thank you for your time.”
Though Corbins responces were short, you can see that she enjoys the atmosphere at Charles Herbert Flowers High School.