Freshman Goes on College Tour


Indira Nzerue, Jonyce Bland, Kemi Ibrahim, and Donni Blackwell

On August 22-25, 2017, Corbin Pettigrew visited Spellmen University in Atlanta Georgia. She is apart of the Jack and Jill Organization which teaches kids leadership at a young age to ensure college and career readiness. During her visit there she toured campus, and received valuble information about the University pertaining to her future in order for her to determine if this University is right for her . Corbin Pettigrew was interviewed by Donni Blackwell on this topic.
Below is the interview that took place:
Donni: “Hi! This is Donni Blackwell from the Main Street Journal. Today, I have Corbin Pettigrew, and I’m going to interveiw her on her college tour.”
Donni:” Where did you go for the college tour?”
Corbin: “Spellman.”
Donni:”Did you like it?”
Corbin: “It was okay.”
Donni :”What did you do?”
Corbin : “We toured the school and they gave us brochures and information about the school.”
Donni: “Why did you go?”
Corbin: “I went because I am in the organization called Jack and Jill.”
Donni: “What is Jack and Jill?”
Corbin :”It’s a leadership program from ages 2-19 for African- Americans.”
Donni:”Why did you join Jack and Jill?”
Corbin:”I joined because my parents made me.”
Donni:”Is that the school you want to go to?”
Corbin:”I want to go to a school with diversity.”
Donni:”Did you enjoy the experience?”
Corbin:”Yes, I did.”
Donni:”How did u get there?”
Corbin: “I took a bus.”
Donni:” Thank you for letting me interview you today.”