Clean Up Green Up


Reginald C. and Summer F. collecting trash in the nearby woods.

Kemi Ibrahim

On Saturday, October 28, 2017, the environmental club sponsored a school-wide cleanup.  Many participants attended to help pick up litter around the school as well as communities near the school. Volunteers were able to fill as many as 12 large trash bags with litter from around the community.
Volunteers split up into teams of two or three to get the job done more efficiently.
One of the teams I observed went as far as the woods near Ardwick Ardmore Rd and discovered a disturbing amount of trash. There was a series of beer bottles, soda bottles/cans,  plastic bags, fast food wrappers, and cups, as well as other large objects. Trash can pollute our community and this is why we need to care and help keep our neighborhood clean.  We eat food and drink beverages and throw them out of our car windows causing litter, then when it rains or is windy these items are swept into our woodlands and disrupt the animals living in our ecosystem.
Thanks to the supervisors of the event and the sponsor of the environmental club, Dr. Ojunta, Mr. Hamilton, and Mrs. Rutherford. We gloves, trash bags, and litter pickers were given.
Thank you for everyone who participated and let’s try to keep our earth clean!