Motivational Speaker enters The Jaguar Zone

Jonyce Bland

On October 16th, Mr. Shokera came into Ms. Whitworth’s 4A class. Mr. Samuel Shokera attended Duval High School and graduated with the class of 2005. He then later went on to attend the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, graduating with a bachelors in Science and Business. Currently his occupation is the front office and guest services at the Hyant Regency Dulles. As said by Mr. Shokera, “High school is where you determine who you really are and if you don’t know who you are, you don’t know what you want to be.” After watching a motivational video, Mr. Shokera said the following things: “Life is not easy, in high school we started off as 1200 students but by senior year only half of the students were able to graduate”. This is essential to know because he is 100% right, and many of what he experienced, we may come across them at one point or another because again “Life is not easy”.
Mr. Shokera also gave us some helpful advice and important quotes. He said to join clubs at school because it helps us to broaden our personal spectrums and for us to meet new people. Also that you are your own brand; you advertise yourself, and you have to find friends who are like minded as you so as to strengthen each other instead weakening. “Journalism is getting the facts, some people can’t handle the truth so they’d rather live in a lie” which is important because it’s what is happening in today’s news and political system.