Dear Ex Lover

Evelyn Adedapo

Dear ex lover, I hope her words comfort your twisted ego
And hug away the insecurities you so effortlessly try to suppress
I hope her smile brightens up every aspect of your day
Because I remembered when your chiseled jawline and those pearly white teeth drew all my worries away
Dear ex lover,
I hope you knew know what a heartbreak feels like
To put all your apples in one basket and have them dropped carelessly in your face
I hope you never know what a 4 a.m. feels like
Alone, on a cold wooden floor, crying, walking down memory lane
Pleading out to God because the pain is something words can’t describe
Dear ex lover,
I hope my daughter never meets anyone like you
I hope she never knows what a 4 a.m. feels like
I hope she never questions her self worth because of someone’s inability to love her
But if she does, I pray that she confides in me
And I will hold her and reassure her that God made her as perfectly as he could
And if another couldn’t see her self worth at least she should
Dear ex lover,
I pray for you
I wait for you
Days after days, months after months
And it’s almost as if God already gave me my answer
But I’m hoping he can reconsider
Because the love I have for you is strong
Like an oak tree in the fall
Dear ex lover,
I hope you never have to write a poem about me
And spill your broken heart out to a crowd full strangers
I hope you never know how it feels to have to love someone from a distance
Dear ex lover,
I hope she loves every part of you with every part of her
Because all of me loved all of you
And every part of me is still intertwined in you
And I can’t seem to shake it
And if cupid wants his arrow back he can gladly take it
And dear ex lover,
I hope you never have to call her your ex lover
-Evelyn Adepapo