Class of 2k19 Treasurer

Danielle Barnes

The class of 2k19 had the opportunity to vote for the spot of treasurer. The students were able to vote between the time of 12am on Tuesday, October 31,2017 to 11:59pm Thursday, November 2,2017. I did an interview with one of the candidates Alliah Johnson.
I said: How are you doing today?
Alliah: I’m doing great glad I woke up this morning.
I said: Why do you want to be treasurer?
Alliah: Me personally I want to get my senior dues down so why not get it down for my whole class.
I said: What does the word treasurer mean to you?
Alliah: Making sure money is budgeted or used in the most significant way.
I said: Do you have any background with money?
Alliah: Yes, I help my parents with their taxes every year and at work I work at a cash register.
I said: Are you using anything to promote yourself?
Alliah: Yes, Flyers and candy.
I said:How can someone get candy from you?
Alliah: I am going around to English 11 classrooms to pass out and promote myself.
I said: Where can I find the flyers?
Alliah: You can find it on social media also around the school.
I said: What are your goals in life?
Alliah: I want to be an animals anesthesiologist.
I said: What are your goals as being c/o 2k19 treasurer?
Alliah: To lower our senior dues by at least.
I said: Has anyone help you with your campaign?
Alliah: Yes, My close friends, my mom, past teachers, and god.
I said: Do you have any words for your competitors?
Alliah: All I have to say is good luck!