The Undefeated Jaguars Prevail In a Tough Road Test


Terrence Brantley

On October 28,2017, the CH Flowers Jaguars(8-0) football team had a tough Saturday afternoon road test. The undefeated Jaguars faced off against the (6-2) Douglass Eagles.
The game started out as a defensive struggle, with both teams forcing punts on four straight drives. The Jaguars finally struck first with a 18 yard touchdown run by Breaun Roderique, to put the Jags up 7-0. Douglass fought back strong with a long touchdown run to put the Eagles up 8-7.
The Eagles led at the half 8-7. The Eagles come out of the halftime break roaring by running back the half-opening kickoff return to put the Eagles up 14-7. Then Mekhi Williams scored a 22 years touchdown run to score but the Jags missed the extra point. So the Eagles still lead 14-13. The Jaguars defense forced a punt and the Jaguars capitalized on good field position. The Jaguars scored on a 21 yard touchdown pass from Julius Duvall to Breaun Roderique. To put the Jaguars up 19-14 in the fourth quarter. With 4 minutes left the Eagles scored a touchdown to put the Eagles up 22-19. The Jaguars were in a bad situation 4th & 15 with 2:11 left, when Julius Duvall eluded a rusher and rolled out and threw a 38 yard bomb to Rashawn Gilbert on the sideline to give the Jaguars a first down and new life. With 1:47 left the Jaguars scored a touchdown when Julius Duvall threw a 6 yard pass to Daniel Buchanan. This score put the Jaguars up 25-22. Then  the Jaguars defense did what they do best and they got a stop when they needed it with sacks by Tizlam Muhammad, Jamree Kromah, and Nnamdi Olebara.
The Jaguars escaped a close one in Upper Marlboro, with a score of 25-22.