College Acceptance Letters Are Not Forever

By Bryan Thompson, Staff Writer

Seniors! Don’t get complacent and lax with your schoolwork and how you behave in school just because you received a college acceptance letter. An acceptance letter can be given and it can also be taken away.
School guidance counselor Mrs. Woods said, “Don’t get senioritis or get lazy with your schoolwork during the last semester of the year. Schools still need to see your final transcripts and if your grades slip below what their requirements are; your acceptance can be rescinded.”
Another thing to keep in mind is your behavior. You may think that it doesn’t affect you in college but in actually it does. According to head of Admissions director of Howard University, Linda Saunders-Hawkins, “Getting suspended more than once, and or expelled is a serious matter that is vital to your staying at the college in which you were accepted into.”
Receiving this punishment as you all know goes on your permanent record and is seen by your teachers, employers, etc. In other words, it will follow you.
“If your transcript isn’t strong, make sure you are able to show the college your well roundness in areas such as extra-curricular activities and community service.” said Mrs. Woods.
Those two things play a big role in your college acceptance.Your grades follow you as well don’t slacked, stay sharp, and continue to put forth as much effort until the end. The school year isn’t over yet.