Tranforming Fun Into Studies


Board game using the history and timeline of technology

"Langmia Junior"

Wow! Charles Herbert Flowers High School, “The Mecca of Excellence” is a genius when it comes to generating ideas in studying. Especially, transforming fun into studies. The Mecca of Excellence makes education interesting, vivid and fun.
The teachers at Flowers make learning fun by:
-Give a better understanding to the students.                                                                                     – Prevent students from being bored.                                                                                                    -Create unforgettable scenes.                                                                                                                 -Make students active and also preventing the teachers from being bored.

This is another method of challenging yourself.  that is setting a goal which is unlocking the lock. The  answers of x,y and z values are the respective patterns  to the lock without cutting the paper. Accomplishing your goal you earn a candy from your professor.

Transforming fun into studies helps you have a retentive memory when faced with complex alternatives.