Update: NSBE Getting Ready for Up Coming Trip


Vanessa Roachè

Flowers NSBE, National Society of Black Engineers, are getting ready for our upcoming trip. November 10-12, we will be in South Carolina competing with our Ten80, Vex, and TMAL teams.

Ten80 is a curriculum in which we own a sports team and our ultimate goal is to engineer performance. This includes personal performance, team performance and , race performance. We buy and innovate our 1:10 scale cars to make us win the race overall. The name we go by is  JAGUAR MOTORSPORTS. Jaguars won a few events at a National competition in Kansas City in March 2017. By wining in Nationals, we were selected to attend Finals in New York. Unfortunately, we did not win there but we gained a lot of experience.  This year we are striving to do our best to win all events.
Vex, presented by the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation, is the largest & fastest-growing educational robotics competition for middle school through college-aged students in the world. Each year, an exciting engineering challenge is presented in the form of a game. Last year we were able to compete in Nationals, where we gained lots of experience and learned how to improve ourself as a team.

TMAL,Try-Math-A-Lon, is a “yearlong tutoring program meant to foster good study habits
for minority students, groom them for success in STEM courses, help prepare them for standardized exams such as the ACT and SAT, and promote healthy competition and good sportsmanship. The TMAL competition is held between teams of four NSBE Jr. members and one alternate. Each team is composed of high school students in grades 9–10 or 11–12.  Participants are provided access to an online mathematics resource to support their yearlong learning.  This tool enables students to earn points during the program year, as they engage in various activities.” Teams with the top scores win prizes. Teams compete year round and advance to a culminating event at the national competition, which is held at NSBE’s Annual National and Regional conventions.
Each of our three teams are vigorously preparing for this competition. As treasurer of our school’s NSBE & project manager co-project manager for Ten80, I believe that we will succeed this year. I’ve seen the hours that have been put in to better the team, and with 30 new recruits I’m sure we will go far.