Winter Hair Care For Naturals


Kemi Ibrahim

Winter is quickly approaching and we are already witnessing signs of cold weather. While weather shifts drastically we need to provide more attention to our hair. During the winter, natural hair can become very dry and lose moisture easily. Here are 5 major tips to stay curly and stay soft through the cold season.

When you wrap your hair at night make sure you either tie a silk scarf on your head or have a silk pillow case. If you use a bonnet, make sure your edges are protected with a silk scarf because the perimeter of our hair is the most brittle of all our strands.
A vital part of ensuring you are retaining length is to oil your ends. During the winter we usually wear hats and hoodies. Unfortunately, the ends of our strands can easily dry up and break-off due to all the friction between your ends and the fabric of your hats/hoodies. Unless you would like to go the extra mile and sew silk into your hoodie and the back of your sweaters, I would just advise for you to seal your ends with oil.
Another way to protect your ends is to co-wash your hair. For those who may be new to the natural hair community, a co-wash is simply using conditioner to “wash” your hair instead of shampoo because it can strip your hair of its natural oils causing deprivation of moisture that leads to breakage.
The best way to treat you hair is by giving it a scalp massage. This will promote hair growth. Find your favorite oil, apply it directly to your scalp, and gently massage the oil into your scalp twice a day. It is even recommended that you warm the oil in the microwave and give yourself a hot oil massage to produce better results. Glide the excess oil on your hands through the rest of your strands. As a safety precaution, make sure you check how hot the oil is before applying it to your scalp.
This one I cannot emphasize enough. If you want to grow your hair faster, protect every part of your stands, and save time not worrying about waking up to do your hair, then this tip is directed towards you because protective styling is the holy grail for winter hair care. Just make sure that when you select a protective hairstyle, such as a long term twist out or box braids, make sure that your stylist or whoever is doing your hair knows how to do it correctly and is gentle with your scalp. In other words, do not get a protective style that is to tight because you will be taking the protection aspect out of it.
~Tips from a 4b/c girl.