End of First Quarter

"Langmia Junior"

   What a wonderful quarter! The academic year 2017-2018 begins on September 6th, 2017.  The first quarter for Prince Georges County Public schools is coming to an end.

On November 13, 2017, the grading window officially closes for the first quarter. Unfortunately, this provides students with a two day weekend break for students and teachers to freshen up for the second quarter, which fully begins on Monday 20th of November 2017 for another phase of the students academic battle. Several activities has shown up through out this first quarter most especially the fall sports and the appreciated participation the Jaguars  in their clubs. The mecca of excellence has shown drastic academic improvement from the progress report and the forth coming quarter report as recorded from the Head Of Department of social studies of Charles Herbert flowers High School.

Seniors prove they are college ready

Good luck Jags as we debut the second quarter on Monday 13th 2017.