Vanessa Roache` and Zion Williams

On November 2nd,2017, The U.S Army came and visited the jaguars in hopes of recruiting new and eager young people. Many activities and interactive games were set up, and many people enjoyed them.

The first activity we visited was the simulation of strength. Over in that area they had a pullup bar, and mats for pushups.The participants were required to do 50 push ups or 15 pull ups in order to earn a prize.
The next place we visited was the bean bag toss and football throwing area. In that area participants attempted to throw a football through the inflatable basket.
As we were waiting to get on the Army ‘game’ truck, i saw a very interesting section. This was a rover built by an engineer in the Army. It was controlled by a computer, and students were able to steer it.
On the game truck, the Army set up a shooting simulation were participants were able to test out their shooting skills. The lieutenant who was conducting the simulation said that actual Army recruiters can look for new recruits based on their shooting and aiming skills.
After we left the truck we interviewed Joe L. McKoy, Sergeant First Class U.S Army. He said “I have been in the Army for 17 years, my current role is a center leader. I am in charge of the armory center located in Upper Marlboro.” We asked him why did he want to join the Army and he said, “Well, I was in school playing football, got hurt, then lost interest in school. So i joined the Army reserve, helped payed for college, and then i decided to go into active duty a year later.” He plans on retiring real soon. “After I’ve hit my 20 (years served), oh yeah,  I’am gone.” After retirement he plans to “chill at home” and “travel on my Harley (Motor vehicle)” A couple giggles and laughs were shared with Sergeant and then we went on our way to the next station.
Conveniently, near the sign up station there was a charging station. Came in-handy for all the people who need to charge their phones.
At the end of the activities , everyone went back to their classes, the U.S Army packed up and got ready for the next wave of students.


The pullup challenge. Goal was to get to 15 without stopping.

The push up challenge. Goal was to get to 50 without stopping.

Football throwing game.

Rover engineered by the U.S Army.

Sergeant Joe L. McKoy w/ Chanell Townsel