U.S. Local Army Visits Jaguars


Kemi Ibrahim and Jonyce Bland

Today November 2, 2017, outside the side of the school, the local U.S army came to recruit juniors and seniors. While they were here they brought along activities for the rest of the students who attended the event outside. When the local army chief exhibitor od IS2 asset Charles Smith was asked why they came out he said “what do you think when you here the word ‘army’, aggression and yelling right? We aren’t like that all the time, we came here to interact with students to encourage them to encourage them about their future, that’s why we are recruiting juniors and seniors. They will graduate soon. The army is a career and we wanted to let them know, as well as the benefits that come with it.  They can sign up now as long as they are at least 17 years of age, with parent consent. There were activities to interact with us to show more sides to the military such the STEM careers that are offered when you are in the army.”
At the event, there were games that engaged students in physical activity such as a bean bag toss, a football throw, a basketball game, pull up bars, and do pushups to win prizes that have the army logo on it.
Another part of this army day most people didn’t get to experience, because of the line and time, is the trailer that consists of target practice with two real guns; the M4 which was 7.4 Ibs and the M9 which was 3.2 Ibs. These guns were, of course, stripped down and now have lasers on them in order to play their interactive game that got participants to shoot at the ‘Brown Stop Signs’.