Do Jaguars Check Their Student E-mails?


Charity Walker

According to several teachers they said that student do not check  their pgcps emails. A survey was taken on November 2, 2017, asking 5 eleventh grade students how often they check their student emails.
All of the students said they do not check their emails. Each of the students said that they only check their emails if they know that somebody is sending them something. From a students, perspective, most students do not check their email because there are too many unnecessary things being sent to us that is is hard for us to find what is actually important.
“It does not have anything to do with my everyday life” says Kennedi Young. But students not checking their Email is the problem according to Mrs. Aarons the African American Studies teacher, she said “I send a lot of information to the students”. But if we do not check our emails we are missing out on things we need.