Six Ways to Stay Healthy During the Winter

Tamara Johnson

Winter is the season that can cause many different illnesses, and it is approaching rapidly! Many of these illnesses can be life threatening to not only adults, but children as well. Illnesses such as head colds, strep throat, and the flu are the most common. Many people often contract them because they either failed to take their vitamins, were not fully equipped with warm clothes, or simply fell short when it came to being cautious of germs.
Here are 6 ways that you can avoid these common illnesses and stay healthy through this winter season.

  1. Maintain a healthy diet.
  2. Say hello to greek yogurt.
  3. Keep up on your vitamin D.
  4. Drink orange juice or eat food with good sources of vitamin c.
  5. Try to incorporate ginger into your meals as a means to help  your respiratory system.
  6. Keep your hands clean at all times.

With all these tools and more, there’s no way we’ll get sick this year!