Should PGCPS students be allowed to leave for lunch!?

Kennedi Young

Several students in PGCPS feel as though we should be able to leave during our lunch periods to go out and get food with our friends, more specifically the students of CHF. We’d be getting what we want for lunch and if we were allowed to go maybe students would comply to being back on time since we’d be getting something we want.
“I feel as though we should be able to get food during lunch periods because school lunch is not what people are eating, ” says Dayja Young a Senior, class of 2018.
“I feel like we should be able to leave for lunch and at least go to Woodmoore Towne Center because there is a wide range of variety rather than just serving the minimum in the cafeteria, ” says Tajia Lawrence a Junior, class of 2019.
“School lunch is jail food. If we were able to leave school to buy lunch, I wouldn’t be so hungry during the day because I don’t eat school lunch,” says Tommi Baker a sophomore, class of 2020.
As you read above the students of CHF feel as though leaving the building to get food should be considered, If all the students of CHF joined together to try to make this possible maybe it could be considered by the board. There were several other students that I had spoken to that felt the exact same way as the others. Maybe the students of CHF will make this happen.