How the Jags feel about mathematics

Kennedi Young

Some students love math the other half feel COMPLETELY different. Math comes second nature to some students, but for some it’s hard to stay focused or for some students they just don’t understand it. Some students feel as though some of the things we learn are pointless like the things we learn will never be used again in the future.
“I feel as though some math is pointless,” says Tommi Baker, 10th Grader.
“I am most likely never going to use the quadratic formula in my everyday life, ” says Miracle Peters, 10th Grader.
“Math is overrated because we only use most of it inside a classroom, not the real world, Math=Stress,” says Shannon Carrol, 11th Grader.
“Math is my favorite subject; I look forward to going every day,” says Keyon Wicks, 11th Grader.
“Math is complicated, and its hard to grasp.  it frustrates me when I cannot understand the concept.I lack basic skill sets which makes it difficult for me to understand the more significant ideas,” says Camisha  Jenifer, 11th Grader.
Most of the students feel as though math is either very complicated or pointless. For the students that feel as though math isn’t easy, they can do things like continuously practice their work or get a tutor.