What are the Jaguars feelings about first quarter coming to an end?

Kennedi Young

As the first quarter is quickly coming to an end, the students of CHF have mixed emotions. It seemed like students had forever when the school year first started, now that the quarter is ending it feels like it’s happening very quickly. While some students hustle to maintain their high GPAs, others are racing to boost their low GPAs. Some students feel as though they’ve worked intensively to get their GPA where it is at the moment. For the students with low GPAs, they feel overwhelmed with makeup work they must rush to get together at the last minute.
“I feel like I worked hard to achieve the grades I have. I’ve accomplished many assignments that  I didn’t think I would be able to do but staying up late and the extra time in brought me to success,” says Tajia Lawrence, 11th Grader.
“I feel like I could have done better,” says Tondalaya Chalmers, 11th Grader.
“One down three more to go,” says Tommi Baker, 10th Grader
“The first quarter was easy when it came to class work, but when it came down to distractions it was difficult, I could’ve done much better,” says Keyon Wicks, 11th Grader.
The Jaguar students will continue to work to get their grades where they should be, Considering the distractions the students are working through them.