Why students should eat breakfast every morning

Kennedi Young

I know we’ve all heard the saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Research shows that eating breakfast helps students receive better grades in school. Researchers believe that this may come from the nutrients in breakfast. I know students don’t always make time to eat breakfast in the morning because we are usually in a rush, but maybe students should find a way to fit breakfast into their fast pace mornings. Usually, mornings consist of alarm clocks, quick showers, and rushing to the car or bus, but that little time we could put into getting up a little earlier just to eat breakfast could help your grades tremendously.
Students could consider eating eggs, toast or maybe something like oatmeal in the mornings. What you decide to have for breakfast doesn’t have to be an entire meal just something that is good for you and will get your brain going.
Some students are drinking coffee at this age to help keep them up, which isn’t a good choice for teenagers. Caffeine is considered a drug. It may cause nervousness, upset stomach, headaches, difficulty concentrating, and increased blood pressure. So if you’re trying to find anyway to start your morning it should be Breakfast.