Write-A-Book Contest

Aderonke Adelegan

Calling all writers and creative students. An e-mail was sent out by Ms. Goff (the librarian) on Oct. 25. It contained information about a county wide event known as the Write-A-Book contest.  Many students in Charles Herbert Flowers are unaware of this great opportunity to produce a personal work of their own and showcase it to a larger audience. As a former contestant and 2nd place winner of the short story section, I can testify to how an amazing opportunity this is.  Participating in the Write-A-Book contest pushed me as a writer and helped me discover myself a little bit more. Each participants’ experience is, of course, different and the only way to know how being a part of this can benefit you is by engaging in the competition. The contest has many different sections in which students can participate in such as short story, poetry, picture storybook, plays, graphic fiction, and illustrated fiction. The range and variety of this contest allow students with different strengths to participate. Do not become hesitant out of fear, just do it!