Tokyo Ghoul Re Chapter 148 Controversy!


Rukayat Fakoya

“Tokyo Ghoul Re” is a top selling anime that has recently undergone a lot of controversy. One of these things is Touken which is now a “canon” relationship in the story ever since chapter 125 came out, this caused a war between the people of the Tokyo Ghoul fandom.
Another controversy brewing in the Tokyo ghoul fandom is about a certain character and what they said.
This character’s name is Nagachika Hideyoshi, he is the “best friend” of the main character, Kaneki Ken. Though in a recent chapter that was released their friendship may¬†be something more.

This page is when he revealed to have said he loves his best friend and because of this a lot of people experienced a mixture of emotions. On November 6, 2017, was the #1 trending post on Tumblr/Sub-Reddit.
As a supporter of this manga series there were a lot of people that either accepted or denied whether Hide is or was in love with Kaneki.
It was shown in the original Japanese version the word used was “suki”, meaning “like or love.” Love is a very commonly used word and it’s very ambiguous, it can be used in a romantic or platonic relationship.
Though people in Japan have taken what¬†Hideyoshi said in a romantic context since men don’t use the word “suki” towards other males. Meanwhile most people in the U.S. are debating the meaning of what was said.
What do you think Hide ment?