Former student discuss his experience with transitioning to college


Shaw University

Patricia Daniel

On the day of November 6,2017, I interviewed a Charles Herbert flowers high school alumni student.
The transition of leaving high school and moving on to college especially a out of state college gives you a different perspective and feeling of things.
Dequan Aikens is now a freshmen in college, he is attending Shaw University in Raleigh North Carolina, who feels the transition of leaving your parents and moving to a whole new place completely on your own takes some time getting used to because you know you do not have your parents to lean on to.
He states that the only classes in high school that prepared him for college was his English class and his Tv production class. He states the English work in high school helps with becoming a better writer when you are in college.
He gets homesick not so often like he used to be before starting out in college but it’s also fun to be away and the thought of not being home very rarely cross his mind.
DeQuan’s goal for college is to build up more knowledge and experience to become a film and a Tv director and producer after he successfully graduated college at Shaw university.