Evelyn Adedapo

For a second I thought I had it all
The perfect boy and I wasn’t afraid to fall
It seemed like we were the perfect pair
So my heart was his for the taking and I didn’t care
But as time progressed
You were slowly becoming more unimpressed
And maybe if I would’ve took the signs
Instead of feeding into your lies
Your absence wouldn’t have left my heart so surprised
I should’ve been aware
That your feelings were so unclear
And now my heart is guarded
Because my feelings were disregarded
It was like I had the whole world in my hands
And I simply just lost it
I know everyone isn’t perfect
But why would you call it love when you knew that it wasn’t?
They say two hearts beat better than one
So why didn’t you let our hearts beat in unison?
Our melanin romance became a despondent misunderstand
And now our memories are in the past
While my broken heart is being broadcast
How can I move on when you were all that I had?
Trying to forget you is like remembering someone I never had
So you can tell them I was happy
Tell them our departure left me sad
Tell them you were the best I ever had
Even if your actions I still can’t understand