Love’s Fool

Evelyn Adedapo

You have this funny way of making me feel like I’m everything
Then turning around and treating me like I never meant anything
It’s like going to sleep in the summer’s heat
And waking up to the cold slap of winter
Now I’m not writing this to sound bitter
Or even make you want to reconsider
The memories of us that you’ve imprinted in my mind, my heart, and my soul
And now I’m left here all alone
To pick up the broken pieces of the aftermath you decided to unfold
Who knew the same hand that use to caress me
Would turn so cold
It was like waking up to someone you didn’t even know
But let me ask you this do you know how it feels to be alone?
Do you know how it feels to feel like you’re in a bottomless pit of sorrow?
Do you know how it feels to have someone mend the broken pieces of your heart?
Just to tear you back apart
They say everybody plays the fool sometimes
But it feels like I’ve been the fool for the one hundredth time
And I can’t lie because if I had the choice
I would do it all over again
I would risk my happiness just to feel the warmth of you all over again
I would go to the ends of this Earth
I would drop down on my knees and cry out to God
If it meant that you were the one he sent me from above
I know at this point I no longer sound like the victim
I’m a girl in a world wanting to be loved
By a man only half whole
Who probably doesn’t even know the first thing about love
And I know you’re probably screaming have some self respect
But all of me is intertwined in him
It’s like our souls connect
And I know you may not understand but,
Have you ever been in love to the point it leaves you breathless?
Every little thing about them bad or good just seems to be so perfect
It was like he was the drug and I was the addict
And I truly felt that he was my angel
Simply handpicked
But in the midst of my hopeless dreams
I tend to forget that people change like the seasons
And every happy ending isn’t so happy for some reason
And every “I love you” is just another meaningless phrase
Simply overused by a few demons