Kemi Ibrahim

I can’t breathe
I’m trapped
There is an heaving pain in my chest
There is water in my lungs
The walls are closing in
I’m alone
Terrified in fact
Yet in stead of saving myself
I stay
I ask why
How did I get here
I certainly don’t recall
Placing my self in such a situation
Then again who would
Lack of oxygen has
Been messing with my mind
What do I do
When do I let myself free
Is there a reason why I’m here
Should I stay under water
Until I figure myself out
I feel everything and nothing
I am in pain
But yet so high up in he clouds
Should I breathe
Or stay trapped
I’m indecisive and fearful
Of what will happen next
A dilemma
A conundrum
One would say it’s not hard
Your over reacting
Save yourself
Come up to the surface
Well riddle me this
Can you fly
Without wings
Can you think
Without intellect
Can you simply walk
Without legs
Well, I’m glad you agree
You cannot swim
If you don’t know how
The only option is
To drown
You can fight it but you’ll drown
You can call for help
Even wait for help
And it can never come
You can drown
What do you do?
What should I do?
Let myself free?
I think not
Suffering is the only way out.
~A poem from anonymous