The American't Dream

Jada Adgerson and Gianni Morsell

There’s nothing wrong with making an honest living
But be honest — Are you honestly living?
With this job that allows you to just stay afloat
Yes a job, a J-O-B
Which leaves you just over broke every single month
Living your life just for the weekend
Living life just on the weekend
Because your other five days belongs to your manager
You see there is a big difference between a job and a career
Because in a career, no matter how many hours you work
You do it because it is satisfactory
But in a job you do it for the salary
Because you’re stuck in a rat race
And you know being stuck in the rat race is one of the biggest traps
Because as a matter of fact, even if you win the rat race,  you’re still just a rat
And you think you’re safe because your job is home based
Until you’ve been working a job for three years
And a secretary with the skirt gets promoted
-Gianni Morsell