Brown vs. The Wall of Colored Tape


Principal Brown after a sip of cold water

Kelechi Ihejirika

November 9, 2017, Principal Brown faced a colorful and restricting challenge during A and B lunch in order to raise money in support for the Best Buddies program at Charles Herbert Flowers. Principal Brown agreed to be taped to the wall in the cafeteria. He stood shoeless on a beige stool about a foot above the ground.  Long strips of tape were on sale for students to buy and personally attach Mr. Brown to the wall. The price —just a dollar.
The goal was to see how long the tape would hold Principal Brown up after the stool was removed from underneath his feet. Soon enough his arms and legs were heavily covered. Even as Mr. Brown’s legs began to fall asleep, he encouraged students to support Best Buddies and “get their dollars out!” The sponsor, Ms. Murphy sold the tape at a table set up adjacent to Mr.Brown. A couple of her students and Chapter President of the club, senior, Shanelly Wilson, smiled on as an immobile Mr. Brown had several strips being added to his body.
Students took enjoyment in feeding Mr. Brown his lunch and helping him drink water. Students crowded around to witness this hilarious event and donate their dollars. Administrator, Mr. Wheeler, initiated the countdown to Mr. Brown’s breakthrough. He fell atop Mr. Wheeler once the stool was removed in a hilarious feat. In the end, he thanked all who donated and participated to support Best Buddies.
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