Jaguar Teachers Learn to "IGNITEMYFUTURE"


VMLA team takes a field trip to “Ignitemyfuture”


November 14, 2017 Linda Aarons, Ivora Washington, and Zena Whitworth attended Discovery Education’s workshop titled “IGNITEMYFUTURE” to experience an immersive learning activity in which computational thinking is modeled in a transdiciplinary manner.  The day was filled with testing out learning activities that will engage all content areas to solve a real-world problems.
Journalism Professor Whitworth stated,  “It was an awesome opportunity to meet with my team outside of the building in engage in hands-on-learning activities” .  “I feel truly ignited and “fired up” to start the second quarter.
Instructional Leader Linda Aarons, stated, “‘We have to get our students ready for the future by engaging students in Computational Thinking which includes Abstraction, Algorithims, Analyzing Data, Collecting Data, Decompositio, Finding Patterns,  and Modeling.  One of the leading IT firms in the world siad employers are looking to find employees with these skills.”
Testing Coordinator Ivora Washington, stated,”Today’s students face complex and over whelming problems.  We need to get our students to solve problems use creative thinking, learn to collaborate, and how to adapt to situations.”
Overall, the three women enjoyed an action pact afternoon learning strategies to ignite the learning of our Jaguars.