“A Silent Cry for Help”

Kemi Ibrahim

Have you ever seen someone
Scream to the top of there lungs silently
Well for those of you who haven’t
It’s quite the sight
To see
Them struggling
But nothing will come out
No one will notice
Come forth
You want to help
But you’re too coward
Their Demon
Patronizing you
Taunting you
Squeezing you
For every last drop
Of innocence
You thought you had
Then you get sucked in
To a vortex that
You cannot escape
Do not wait for one who
Wears the cape
The same one who claims
Themselves a hero
But save no one in need
For they are the demons friends
Avoid negativity they say
But its impossible
When It finds its way
Following you
Into every alleyway
Then bends you over
And takes you whole
It did not ask for permission
But it was too late
To scream
To the top of your lungs
You saw how that turned out
For the last girl
Instead you scream silently
While negativity consumes you whole
You’ve become prey
Then you pray
To God that it gets better
That a hero won’t come
But instead a survivor
Who comes forth
In this terrifying situation
To face their past in the form
Of you
The survivor is you
You witness this… this
This thing that you
Never spoken off
Never uttered a word of
You hesitate
But that’s ok
young girl you ran
But this time
it wasn’t too late
You did not run
In the opposite direction
But instead you ran
Towards your past self
In order to defeat your demon
You call for help this time
As you ran
Toward negativity to
Distract the demon
That feeds on
Precious souls
You ran
To save the girl
This young girl was you
You can not fail her
She was holding on
Praying that someone
Like you might
Save her
From this man
Who thought it was
Ok to rape
By: Kemi Ibrahim