Interview with Crystal Greene: Host of “The Love Tour”


Kemi Ibrahim

Today on November 17, 2017, there was an assembly held in the auditorium regarding self love and they had all 9th and 10th grade females come down and listen to why they should love themselves. I interviewed the host who came from First Baptist Church of Glenarden, Crystal Greene, who has been doing this love tour since last year.
Question: “Why do you love yourself?”
Answer: “I love myself because I think I am awesome and a very dope person.”
Question: “How can you tell if someone loves you and when someone doesn’t love you?”
Answer: “By there actions and the words that they say to express how they feel about you.”
Question: How did being successful impact you?
Answer: “It’s makes me feel good and to be surrounded by young ladies who are loving. I will go to the next level to achieve more if I don’t feel satisfied.”
Question: “Why did you come here?”
Answer: “I came here because I am a lover and I love to see people follow their dreams. I had past success in impacting younger generations on my love tour.”
Question: When did realize you love yourself?
Answer: “After i cut my hair”
Question: “ Why did you cut your hair?”
Answer: “I would always hide behind my long hair and I wanted to overcome my insecurities.”
Question: “For people who didn’t come to the assembly what would tell them?”
Answer: “I would tell them to invest in theirselves.”
This concludes the interview with Crystal Greene, she was a very loving and outgoing person.