The Love Tour Visits Flowers


Tyra Ware

On November 17, 2017, the Love Tour from the Mecca of Excellence partners, First Baptist Church of Glenarden, gives insight to the 9th and 10th grade girls during an assembly.
The female speakers started with resident principal, Ms. Holland. “The three things you need to remember are that you are beautiful, strong, and have a purpose.” Next, we were introduced to our host of the Love Tour, Crystal Greene, and how it prompts the First Baptist Church of Glenarden to love.
An activity we played was the Icebreaker game. First, you pass pink beach balls around the auditorium with the music playing, When the music stops, the people with the ball have to come up, say their name, what they like to do and why they keep their head held high. Next, they had to find someone in the audience and give them a reason to keep their head up high. Lastly, the people from the audience had to share with us what they were told.
Next, a christian rapper performed just for the ladies. One song in particular was called “Concrete Rose” and it was dedicated to all women. By the time he got to the last song, most of the students ran down and started dancing in front of the audience.

The last event in the Love Tour was our panel hosted by Ms. Greene, and our panelists were Cristina Q, Cherie Richards, Mona Marnelson, and Lena Queen ( panelists from left to right, Ms. Green in the middle). On the panel, they told us a little about themselves and explained how we should learn to love and appreciate ourselves and believing that we can do and overcome anything. The tour concluded with them answering questions from Ms. Greene and the audience. While the girls left the auditorium, they were given goodie bags and got a chance to talk with the panelists.

After the assembly an interview was conducted with Ms. Greene, click below to look at the following article.

Interview with Crystal Greene: Host of “The Love Tour”