Help Your Friends!

Lateefah Fatunbi

Mental illness is a wide range of conditions that affect your mood, thoughts, and behavior. Studies have proven that only 40% of students with emotional, behavioral and mental health disorders graduate from high school, compared to the national average of 76 percent and, over 50% of students with emotional and behavioral disabilities ages 14 and older, drop out of high school. You can help your friends. Here are some tips of how to help you friends out:
Show your support. Express your concern and sympathy.The most important thing you can do is just offer to be available.
Listen. If your friend talks about their mental health, pay attention and be supportive.
Ask what you can do to help. If you know that your friend is struggling in school, it can be helpful just to offer to study with them.
Ask if your friend is getting the treatment that they want and need. Offer to find out about available resources and help your friend find care.
Reassure your friend that you still care about them.
Educate yourself about your friend’s disorder. This can help you to know what to expect.
Support your friend’s healthy behaviors.
Take care of yourself.  It can be stressful and sometimes overwhelming to take on the care of a friend.