Nadiyah’s Trip to Ghana

Anuoluwapo Adepegba

On Saturday, November 16, 2017, Nadiyah Williams, Came to Ghana with site ambassadors from college bound, and took a trip to Ghana. College Bound is a nonprofit organization in Washington, D.C. that aids students with getting into college.You become an ambassador by participating in the program and running for the position against other people. The site she attends is located in the Department of Education.
To pay for the trip, The Students fundraised. While in Ghana, she visited two schools, one was an elementary school and the other was a middle school. She, along with the other people in her program, provided students at each school with school supplies from America. This was due to the fact that students in Ghana lacked enough supplies for each students to use.
The students were also granted the opportunity to ask Nadiyah and the other students questions. One of the questions they asked concerned whether or not American students get beat. This question was inspired by the fact that students in Ghana get beat for doing certain things or wearing certain attire that they noticed Nadiyah wearing.
During her trip, they also visited the Elmina Castle, which was built by the Portuguese, and the Cape Coast Castle, which was built by the British.
According to Nadiyah, slaves were taken from Ghana and placed on dungeons for six weeks while they were waiting for their boats to take them to America. There were more men than women and they were separated based on their gender. Their “condemned dungeons” were specifically created for people to die. There were no holes for slaves to breathe and they were eventually thrown into the ocean.
This cruelty inspired “the Door of Return,” which symbolizes the descendants of slaves who were able to go to Ghana.
Nadiyah Williams returned on November 28, 2017 with a new outlook on life. She realized that she needs to be more appreciative of the things she possesses and she should stop taking things for granted.