College Advice: College Freshman Year

Q: “I leave for college in a few months, but don’t know what to bring. What should every college student bring with them for academics, social, and dorm life? What does every student kick themselves for forgetting?” –David S., Fresno, CA
A: Bring a little bit of home to your dorm.
I reduced my homesickness, and I just moved a few miles away from home, by decorating my dormroom with some of the things from my room back at home. I also brought a family picture, thoughsome of my friends just brought a picture of the one person they miss most. I recommend bringingyour blanket from home so your bed looks and feels like home. It’s light and easy to pack. I also try tocall home at least once every two days. I call my mom, so she doesn’t call at bad times.
– Rebecca Joseph – Executive Director and Founder, Get Me To College
A: Ship it, don’t pack it.
If you are moving any distance away to college, you will probably have limited space to take all ofyour belongings. The solution? Ship easy to pack items like clothing. By shipping you know that theitems will be available to you when you arrive on campus and you don’t have to worry how you aregoing to fit everything into your suitcase. For bulky items like bedding, think about buying those itemsin stores close to campus so pick them up once you arrive.
– Todd Johnson — Founder – College Admissions Partners

A: Top of list: an open mind.

It’s easy to focus on the tangibles one needs when preparing to go off to college: clothes, linens,computer, etc. But the most important thing to bring to college is an open mind, receptivity to newopportunities and people. You’ll never again have an experience like the four undergraduate yearsahead, years in which you’ll grow and develop in ways you can’t even imagine right now. Rememberto bring motivation, too: the will to push yourself harder than ever before in your academic work,and to commit yourself to meaningful activities that’ll result in a feeling of connection to the campuscommunity.
– Jane Shropshire – Founder – Shropshire Educational Consulting LLC
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