Principal Honor Roll

Aderonke Adelegan

Charles Herbert Flowers have recently changed the requirements of being Principal Honor Roll. As many knows, first quarter awards have been given out, and over 500 students made the principal honor roll list. As the previous rule states students who got a 4.0 GPA or higher are invited to the Principal Honor Roll field trip which usually is a luncheon.  The new rules, which were not verbally expressed to the students state that only students with straight A’s are invited to the trip disregarding whether or not you have a 4.0 GPA or higher. Thia has caused an uproar especially in the midst of students who take AP classes. AP classes are weighed on a 5.0 scale, which is what shows up in students’ report card and directly affects their GPA.  These students feel as though their hard-work to achieve a 4.0 is underappreciated. Many believe taking more than one AP classes guarantees a 4.0 or higher but this is certainly not true. Students with AP classes work hard in the rigourous course to achieve a 4.0 and when not rewarded for their efforts it’s as if no one cares about how hard they worked for the grade. One student said “The reason why AP classes are weighted is because of their rigor, it makes no sense