Student Identifications At the Mecca of Excellence

Langmia Junior

Identification is a necessity for every individual to prove. It is now clear that there are lot of terrible actions which have been going on in our society. Due to lack of identification the Jaguars strongly enforce proper uniforms and student identifications.
On Thursday December 7, 2017 the Jaguar administration will fully commence the enforcement of uniforms and student ID’s. The first assembly for Student Code of Conduct begin with Seniors in the morning. Then later on in the day will be an assembly for Freshman. The Jaguar administration will continue the assemblies on Friday December 8 for the Juniors in the morning and the Sophomores in the afternoon. Students ¬†should ensure their ID’s are up to date and have a copy of it on their cell phones, ¬†their uniforms should be intact as the enforcement begins on Thursday December 7.