Ms.Rivers class senior project

Angel Ramos

In Ms.Rivers class we have chosen our topic for the senior Project and we are going to continue to work on the senior project to get ahead of the game.
We went to the library and the librarian explained to us some easy ways to research our topics and showed the class how to make a cover page and how to number our pages on google docs. She also explained what are the requirements of the senior project. For example, we must use at least 5 sources but cannot use more than 2 internet sources and wikipedia is not a site that can be used.
Basically the class is starting the senior project and Ms.Rivers is helping us find more ways to help us with the senior project and help us understand it a lot better. With the help of Ms.Rivers the class clearly understood what is expected in the projects and what we need to meet the requirements and get a good grade on the project.