SDA Ntonso

Nadiyah Williams

SDA Ntonso is a grade school located in Accra, Ghana the ages of the children are ages 5-9. At SDA Ntonso the children there are very well behaved but because of the lack of resources given to children at that school many of the kids there do not have a lot of school supplies like papers, pens, pencils or calculators things of that nature. They also don’t have many text books or even reading books. On November 20th, 2017 the college bound 7th International study tour group brought school supplies to the school so the children can have materials to help them learn in the class room.  I notice when I was at SDA Ntonso is that the children where learning things that I didn’t learn until I was in middle school so they are definitely ahead of the game. While we where down there we also handed out prizes like black barbie dolls and soccer balls and backpacks to the children and although not everyone won a prize the other children where still happy for the kids who did win prizes which was very sweet.