Interested in Dual Enrollment ?

Shaiyann Palmore

Dual enrollment is a program designed to give high school students the opportunity to simultaneously earn college and high school credits by completing post-secondary coursework. Students can participate in dual enrollment during the school year or in the summer. Students have the option of taking courses such as English 1010, Speech 1010, and French 1020.  To be eligible for dual enrollment students must take the Accuplacer, have a 2.5 minimum GPA, enrolled in eleventh or twelfth grade, and be able to provide transportation to and from the college campus.
If the student has met those requirements they will receive an email stating that they are eligible for dual enrollment. In the email it will state the application deadline for that course cycle. After completing the online application the student must meet with their school guidance counselor to select their courses and compile the remaining application materials needed. If additional assistance is needed the student can meet with their guidance counselor and discuss the process.