CHFHS Junior, Faith Jackson, Elected as a Student Board Member

Tram Nguyen, Web Editor

On May 25th, 2011, 11th grader, Faith Jackson, won the position as the Student Board Member of the Board of Education for Prince Georges County Public Schools. Faith was congratulated with endless hugs and handshakes of congrats by her fellow schoolmates.
“Of course I am really excited about this since it is not only a position, but it is a big one. I was definitely pleasantly surprised when I heard the news because while I was hoping for the best, I was still expecting the worst,” said Jackson.
There were two other candidates running for the position. Each had to hold a campaign as well as complete a nomination packet. The package included essays and required letters of recommendations from a teacher, a community leader, and a principal. Once the packet is submitted the Board holds interviews and then narrows it down to three candidates who can actually run for the position.
An election is then held at the General Assembly of PGRASG delegates.