Prince George's (PG) County Federal Budget Cuts


Praise Oladoyin

The Sentinel website reported the impact of federal budget cuts on Prince George’s County. The budget cuts will have “a detrimental impact on the Prince George’s County budget and the services we provide to residents” says County Executive Rushern Baker. These cuts will directly affect the social services the county provides for children, homeless, elderly, and programs that create job creation, housing, and public safety.
These cuts specifically affect public schools within the county. Each school gets a certain amount of money from PG county, and if the money each school gets is reduced due to the budget cuts, then the education of these students will be affected. Some teachers might get fired in order to provide money for other necessities pertaining the school. Students that are part of the Free and Reduced Meal (FARM) program will be affected because the budget cuts will restrict the number of students that are allowed in the program. Being a part of the FARM program comes with a lot of benefits. These students are allowed to take the SAT and ACT for free, the AP Exams for free, and get to take Dual Enrollment classes at either Prince George’s Community College or Bowie State University.
In conclusion, once the federal budget cuts are finalized, families, corporations, states, and the entire United States of America are going to be affected, not just Prince George’s County