Stay Home If You're Sick


Enoch Oluwaboro

This time of the year is the height of the cold and flu season, and here are some tips to stay healthy during this frigid time of year.
Wash Your Hands
Viruses can live on surfaces for hours. A regular hand washing keeps them from getting inside your body.  First, wet your hands with water, then add soap. Rub your hands for roughly 25 seconds. A good tip is to hum the alphabet while rubbing. Rinse your hands then dry with a paper towel or air dryer. Turn off the faucet with a paper towel and use your shoulder to open the door.
Get Immunized
Make sure you’re up to date on immunizations. Rite Aid offers free vaccinations with accepted medical insurance.
Cough Into Your Sleeves
By coughing into your sleeves and sneezing into tissues, you minimize the probability of the virus becoming airborne and transferring it to other students.
Stay Home and See A Doctor
If you really feel sick, do not come to school. Coming to school jeopardizes the health of other students. Go see a doctor if symptoms worsen.
Use these tips and stay healthy this flu season!