Have You Heard About The Evening School Classes?

Zion Williams

If you are interested in taking evening classes , contact your counselor to help you get the the information and help you get the classes that you need.
Here are all the counselor in the school

Ms. Dubose [email protected]  A-Ji 81019
Ms. Mason [email protected] Jo-Z 81020
Mr. Phillips  [email protected] A-E 81017
Ms. Mosley [email protected] F-Me 81022
Dr. Bostic  [email protected] Mf-S 81021
Mr. Groves [email protected] T-Z 81032
 3D Scholars
Ms. King  [email protected]  3D Scholars 81018
Counseling Support Staff
Ms. Brockelman [email protected] Registrar 81007
Mrs. Cummings [email protected]