Crisis At The Mecca

Kelechi Ihejirika

Grief has been common as of late in Charles Herbert Flowers. AP classes have been a very big form of stress for the students recently. Deadlines are approaching for seniors. Juniors have the SAT on their minds. Students are dealing with issues beyond the classroom.
Where is our school therapist?!?!
We have several counselors and administrators, all of which who seem to be too busy to spare time for a student’s mental state. So then who could we go to when we need one on one time? Who will listen and help us sort through all of our emotions on top of school and being a teenager.
Mental health can affect one’s school performance. The Social Activism club has been working to obtain a full time psychiatrist here at the Mecca, but will their efforts be enough. Will the school be moved into complete disarray for actions to be taken?