Losing a Loved One

Patricia Daniel

What does it feel like to lose someone close to you?  Do you feel like there is no way to express how you feel?
The thought of losing someone you love or care about is tragic, and the thought of not seeing them anymore is depressing.  Therefore, you may feel circumlocution, and you may express your grief in a different way than others.
We can not control death and how it may have an impact on us.  We also don’t know when it is our time to go.  What we can do is cherish the moments we spend with each other while we have the chance.  We also must change the way we act towards one another and stop the violence and harmful measures.
A wise man once said: “Be the change you want to see.” In this, we can change the world. We have to be the first people to do the right thing.  Sometimes we may not be able to help, but we can still try.  It’s always the thought that counts. Therefore, if we think of one another and not just ourselves in selfishness and anger, we can begin to remold the world into a more happy and peaceful place.