Competiton Season Begins


Dayja Young

“Cheerleading  is not a sport!” Everyone always says this one thing to make us work harder. Charles Herbert Flowers Cheerleading team prepares for the Holiday Spectacular at The Gaylord. The competition is Saturday, December sixteenth.  I asked my team and Coach Carter how they feel about the competition.
Tajia L. – ” I’m on edge. Once the team before us is performing I get nervous.”
Rayjanek G., Jonyce B. – ” I’m anxious!”
Tommi B. – ” I’m nervous. ”
Lindsay – “I’m really ready for comp.”
Dayja Y. – “Practice this week is going to be hectic, my body is going to be so sore.”
Coach Carter – ” I’m Anxious,  and ready to get the first competition over with. “