Stressed Out?

Kennedi Young

Highschool can be one of the most stressful experiences for a teenager. Most students, however, don’t know how to let off some steam.
Here are some ways you can relieve the stress of highschool:
1. Breathe!
– Taking deep breaths can help reduce the stress of a day. Go home, relax, and have a little time to yourself to exhale and wind down.
2. Express your thoughts through writing!
– Writing down all your feelings can help you push out negativity you can’t speak out directly.
3. Make a chart!
– Jot down everything that is stressful in school and construct a pros and cons chart to try to prioritize your life.
4. Do something you enjoy!
– Discover a way to incorporate  what you like to do into your schoolwork to make it less overbearing.
These five vital ways to relieve stress can change your highschool experience into something you can accomplish with a breeze. Don’t be stingy, share it with a friend!