Progress Reports Before Christmas?!

Kennedi Young

Have you ever wondered why you haven’t always gotten what you wanted at Christmas? Well, one of the reasons why is because progress reports come out before Christmas.
Is this a good or bad thing? Fellow Jaguar students had interesting views on this topic in particular.
“Progress reports going in before Christmas is hurts students in the long run because teachers don’t always take progress reports seriously”, said Dayja Young.
A student by the name of Miracle Peters commented, “Many progress report grades are inaccurate, so its bad for that specific student if their parents care about them”.
“It’s just progress reports! Who cares if it’s bad? Its called a PROGRESS report for a reason. The grade that really matters is what is on your report card”, said Tajia Lawrence.
There are several other ways you could perceive this situation, however, the main factor you should entertain is to do your best!
Keep those grades up Jags!