Too Much Homework

Charity Walker

A survey was taken where five(5) students in the 11th grade at Charles Herbert High School were asked if they feel they have been receiving too much homework. The survey concluded that 4 out of 5 students believe they get too much homework. “Teachers act like they are our only class,” said one student. Most students feel that excessive homework takes away from time to study and do other things such as partaking in extracurricular activities. Some students not only are active in extracurricular activities but also have jobs, and those students find it difficult to complete their homework on time and uphold a job. “Teachers give so much homework and then it is only worth 10% of our grade”. Students feel that it is not fair to do all of this work when it barely boosts their grade. The other side of it is that if students do not complete the homework assignment it can be detrimental to their grade.